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this winter to continue our rebuilding efforts!

Since November 2016, PHPI members have been back in Nepal completing projects and assessing community needs for 2017.  With six members from our rebuild team, and money raised on this campaign, we’ve had the opportunity to share your donation where we feel it is most effective, while also providing relief to those who still don't have access to aid money. Know your donations are directly helping the Nepali people.

Thus far, three solid weeks of surveying all the areas have totalled 1,235 USD. Donations will continue to go toward the following projects.

  • The Pokhari-Nebot project continues in Pokhari Village of Thumi, V.D.C. Pokhari-Nebot Phase II of our Winter ‘16 Campaign continues to make great strides. Three classrooms for 150 students, grades 1 through 5, are coming together. Finishing touches on the interior and exterior were completed by volunteers and resident schoolteachers, and now, where once stood a simple structure, stands a welcoming, vibrant educational center. The intent of the school and the spirit of the villages is captured in colorful painted images of Nepali students and regional birds, while tiny blue handprints decorate another wall, reflecting the excitement of the inaugurating class and breathing life into the new school. The projected cost for Pokhari Phase II is estimated at 720 USD.

  • The Clean Water Project in the Kamrang Village of the Dhading District in Kumpur, V.D.C., is only partially funded, and this project is time-sensitive. The water supply in Kamrang will dry up by the end of January 2017, and over 127 people in 18 houses will be affected. The time projected for the project is 10-12 days to fix the existing tank and install new tank.  Villagers have agreed to donate their time and labor, and the local government will donate land for the new tank. A skilled foreman will be needed. The projected start date is 15 January 2017. Materials needed include: 25 cement bags; steel rods for water tank covers; 2-km pipes for water transport from the nearest source; and transport, procurement and delivery of sand, cement, pipes, and a new water tank. The projected cost is 800 USD.

  • The Remon Gompa Nyingmar Buddhist Monastery Project in the Gorkha District of Lho V.D.C., is partially funded and currently halted. Project developers have run out of building materials like cement and wooden planks. Winter 2016-2017 PHPI goals include raising funding for building materials to help complete the three-story dormitory with 20 rooms, a kitchen, and a 7-unit bathroom facility for 163 students (ages 8-26).  Solar panels, generator, battery and other solar equipment, as well as power tools valued at 1,000 USD, have already been donated by PHPI. Our plan of action is a helicopter drop of materials and supplies projected for 3 February 2017 to help complete the rebuilding. Projected cost of donated materials, including 100 bags of cement as well as transport, is 5,890 USD.

  • The Tawal Water Project continues in the Tawal Village of the Dhading District. The project requires transport of materials (piping, cement and sand), digging into the ground for water tanks, and digging 4 km of piping into the ground from the water source to the school.  The length of the piping is the distance to the nearest water source from a watering hole; it will run through a jungle to provide water to the school in Tawal for 460 students, grades 1-10, and up to 400 families of the Tamang caste.  The projected length of the project is one month. All labor needed is available locally, and 4 tanks are needed (1 at the source, 2 along the path, and 1 large one at school). Projected start date is 22 January 2017, and costs are estimated to be between 10,000 to 12,000 USD.

Our Work

PHPI’s aim is to empower communities in a culturally conscious way. This is why we assess the needs of every community we enter to evaluate what is needed most, whether it is an educational center, survival materials, solar energy, a clean air initiative, water or sanitation projects, or more. We are committed to helping, one small step at a time.

It is our hope to continue to support rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake and we need YOU, to help us continue with future projects. As one of the least developed and poorest nations in the world, Nepal cannot do this without the support of people like you.

The average annual income in Nepal is just $1,300 and with over 90% of Nepal’s population living in rural areas, large NGOs struggle to reach these smaller communities. This is where PHPI stands out. We look to fill the gaps and to help those communities that still have no voice.

Without you, there is no way we can reach our goals. We rely heavily on people like you, who show compassion when they sense a need. If just 150 people contributed $200 to our campaign, we could enact life changing projects to those in need.

So be the vehicle to enact powerful change. Be one of the 150, and donate to our projects today.

2016 Projects

Pokhari-Nebot School Rebuild

In November of 2015, our group of dedicated volunteers and local Nepalis worked tirelessly side by side to re-build a four room school on an isolated mountainside. The Pokhari-Nebot school is situated in Thumi V.D.C. and is just south of the earthquake epicenter. For ten weeks volunteers were fortunate enough to take part in a life changing experience and witness the impact of their efforts when the project was finally completed. Village children now have a dry, safe and, best of all, seismic resistant place in which they can learn. The school also doubles as a meeting place and was outfitted with solar power - a first for a school in the area.

Emergency Blanket Relief

During the school rebuild, a snowstorm hit the upper regions of the area and a call was sent out for help. PHPI donated $5,000 worth of blankets to give warmth to those in the affected areas, many of which were still living in temporary shelter and therefore exposed to the elements. Our Nepali partners hiked in these supplies to the Ree Guan V.D.C. of Nepal.

Clean Air Initiative

After the build, PHPI also ran a clean air initiative and provided the manufacturing and distribution of clean air stoves to be used in neighbouring villages. Indoor air pollution is the second deadliest killer of women and children in underdeveloped nations, and we provided 53 families with stoves outfitted with piping for indoor cooking, replacing the traditional wooden fire they had used until then. A difference in soot and smoke was immediately noticeable in families that used these stoves. We hope to reduce the amount of chronic respiratory conditions in the area, providing healthy, happy environments for all.  

People Helping People International

In 2015, Nepal was devastated when a deadly earthquake shook the Himalayan mountain range. This tragic event collapsed homes, crumbled roads and wiped out entire communities. Over 8 million people were affected, with the death toll surpassing 10,000. Entire villages were completely lost beneath rubble. Nepal is a country that is gripped with extreme poverty, and is now faced with the task of rebuilding entire communities with little to no assistance.

Thousands of families have been displaced and have sought shelter in the streets under temporary tarp cities. Children lost their schools and are forced to walk long distances to learn in often crowded, wet and worrisome conditions. Life as Nepal knew it, has shifted from slow progression to a standstill.

Out of the destruction, People Helping People International (PHPI) emerged as a dedicated group of volunteers. Our team began delivering aid to villages shortly after the first earthquake. PHPI supplied much needed tarps for emergency shelter, essential foods (rice, lentils, oil, salt) and crucial medical supplies. Our international community banded together and with small contributions of $100 to 200 dollars we raised nearly $50,000 to help us achieve these initial goals. In total, PHPI carried out emergency relief efforts to 10 villages and helped thousands of people get through the next few critical months, following the quake. Read more about our emergency relief efforts here.  www.phpinternational.org

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